For about one out of two young CSQ members (45.1%), self-realization is one of the main work motivations, according to a survey conducted during winter 2020 among 2,500 Centrale’s youth aged 15 to 35 years old.

The study results also show that about a quarter of the respondents answered “serving society” (23.9%) and “monetary compensation” (25.3%) as work motivations.

The “specificity” of the Centrale’s youth

These results are in opposition with those obtained in 2020 within a survey on the new forms of engagement at work, published by the Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en analyse des organisations (CIRANO).1 Young respondents in that study instead placed money (39%) on top of their motivations list, followed by self-realization (34%).

Despite the inherent limits of this type of comparison, one still can see a clear difference between the motivations of young people in general versus those of the CSQ members in the three main goals (self-realization, money and serving society).

National survey on CSQ youth (2020) aged 35 and under
CIRANO survey (2020) with 18 to 34 years-old
Self-realization 45,1 % 34,0 %
Money 25,3 % 39,0 %
Serving society
23,9 % 10,0 %
Sociability 3,1 % 7,0 %
Recognition and prestige
2,5 % 10,0 %

To take up the terminology of the researchers, some of the expressive goals (serving society, self-realization) are clearly more popular than instrumental goals (money) in the Centrale’s members.

It’s not surprising that the balance between professional, personal and family life is at the top of the CSQ’s youth priorities. 80% of the people surveyed identify that balance as being very important to their fulfillment.

This survey on the motivations associated with work helps to better understand the profile of the Centrale’s young members. After this dusting off of some popular beliefs, the next step in will be to identify actions to promote the empowerment of a strong union succession, in line with the flagship values of the CSQ and of young people aged 18–35.

Who are the Centrale’s youth?

This survey was conducted by the CSW with the goal of getting a clear portrait of the Centrale’s young members. It shows that 93% of the respondents are over 25 years old and 58% are in their thirties. With an average seniority of around six years, the under 35 are not all new to their position.

The survey looked to go beyond preconceived ideas and capture the flagship values, the relation to work, as well as the motivations behind union engagement of the organization’s young members.

The National survey on youth was conducted during the months of December 2019 and January 2020, with a response rate far higher than anticipated.

1 VULTUR Mircea, Daniel Mercure and Charles Fleury (2020). “Nouvelles forces d’engagement dans le travail : y a-t-il une « spécificité jeune ? » [New hiring forces at work: is there a “youth specificity?”], Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en analyse des organisations (CIRANO), [Online] Cahiers scientifiques 2020s-04, p. 22. [].