In Support and inclusion measures for trans and non-binary individuals in the work environment, a guide for employers and unions, trans person Emma Lanteigne says “I’d love for others to feel good in a work environment and to earn a living like everyone else, not earn a living differently because you are trans individual, or not earn a living at all because you are a trans individual.”

Too often, trans and non-binary individuals experience rejection or discrimination in the workplace. They may not get hired, they may get fired, or they may leave their jobs because their safety is compromised. The consequences are serious as it leads to a cycle of poverty and exclusion.

The importance of support and inclusion  

Implementing measures for support and inclusion in the workplace is essential for trans and non-binary individuals to thrive without fear. It is also beneficial to employers as it provides a healthy environment that allows workers to perform safely at work.

Unions also have a role to play in implementing support and inclusion measures. By ensuring respect for human rights, they contribute to respect for human dignity. This is where union values of social justice and solidarity take on their full meaning.

How can we accomplish this?

The Table nationale de lutte contre l’homophobie et la transphobie des réseaux de l’éducation, to which the CSQ and its education and higher education federations belong, designed the Support and inclusion measures for trans and non-binary individuals in the work environment with the aim of achieving these objectives. Available for free online (, the guide includes a wealth of information, including a series of concrete measures that employers and unions can implement in their workplaces.

What makes this tool so relevant is that it was designed in collaboration with trans and non-binary individuals who agreed to share their experiences. They explained that the key to success is to make the person’s need for support and guidance a priority - and good communication is the key to achieving this.