“With the government planning to transform school boards into service centres, we are more concerned than ever about significant disparities in services to students as well as the potential use of outsourcing,” says Jacques Landry.1

Acknowledging a job well done

The newly elected FPPE-CSQ president intends on redoubling his efforts during the next term to ensure the work of education professionals is duly recognized. Jacques Landry is determined to defend the working conditions of members as well as increase recognition for their expertise, which is vital to our public education system.

“As professionals are well positioned to understand educational needs, whether they be student services, educational support services, organizational support services or material resources, they will need to be increasingly consulted in the organization of services,” he says.

As negotiations approach

Jacques Landry recalls that the current context is different from the last public sector negotiations in 2015. "The government is swimming in surpluses. Many professional positions are being opened in school boards, but they are sometimes difficult to fill. It needs to be made clear to the government that the school environment must be attractive and competitive to attract the best candidates to work with students,” he adds.

1 Jacques Landry, psychoeducator, was elected president of the Fédération des professionnelles et professionnels de l’éducation du Québec (FPPE-CSQ) in May 2019.