There’s nothing quite as irritating as having a bunch of keys and not being able to find the right one to open a lock. As someone who knows this only too well, Rodrigue Tremblay1 helped implement a unique key system at the Commission scolaire des Rives-du-Saguenay. “Previously, caretakers had huge key rings and wasted so much time looking for the right key. And when a copy was needed, it was a real nightmare,” he recalls.

Secure key

Rodrigue Tremblay first began his career as an uncertified locksmith. He admits,”I’m a tinkerer who’s always able to identify problems and find solutions. For me, problems turn into challenges.”

As the person responsible for the proper functioning of over 600 different locks at the Commission scolaire des Rives-du-Saguenay, it’s no surprise he wanted to simplify the master key system. To do so, he obtained the certification necessary to create secure keys that provide precise access to certain rooms. “A single key can unlock a single door or every door,” he explains. “The code can be changed anytime allowing for greater flexibility.”

Dexterity is essential

With 33 years’ experience at the school board, including 25 years as a locksmith, Rodrigue Tremblay has become highly dexterous and has developed an in-depth understanding of locking systems. He performs his work meticulously. “Sometimes, the problem is only a very small spring and you need to know how to replace it,” he says.

Rodrigue Tremblay also takes the time to adjust the door pistons in order to prevent children from getting their fingers caught in a slamming door.

Responding to emergencies

“During periods of extreme cold, the work can get tough,” admits Rodrigue Tremblay. When the exterior door won’t close, we need to act fast for the safety of the students, even if it means working in harsh weather conditions.”