It will be full of challenges... but at the Centrale, we’re used to it. In the next few years, in a working environment undergoing deep transformation, we will face growing issues in which we will have an important role to play as a Centrale.

With more than 206,000 members spread across the territory providing day-to-day services to the population, the CSQ isn’t disembodied from Québec society. On the contrary. The values and ideas carried by our organization are largely aligned with the will of a large part of the population. Gender equity, acknowledgement and valorization of work performed mostly by women, as well as work health and safety, are issues that are as relevant as they are current, and they affect everyone every day.

From early childhood to higher education, including the school network, education is part of the CSQ’s DNA and makes our organization a key player in Québec when it comes to public services, not forgetting health. During my term, I intend to consolidate this foundation with the goal of highlighting the essential role of our members for the economy and society in the post-crisis period.

Thus, the upcoming negotiations will be critical to allow us to answer the growing needs on the ground, because the overload, lack of resources and undervaluing issues sadly continue to be linked to predominantly female jobs. It’s the solidarity, equity and justice message we will all carry together!

In solidarity,

Éric Gingras
CSQ President