It’s as if the government and managers no longer see the people providing the services, or those receiving these same services. They seem to be obsessed with toxic management methods which go against the very nature of the services we are providing in the education, health and child care sectors.

Optimization, reorganization, job cuts, subcontracting, increased workloads and job insecurity: that is what we are speaking out against. What’s more, these practices are compounded by unreasonable performance requirements and standards that ultimately lead us not only to doubt our own skills and believe we are the real cause of the problem but, much too often, make us sick.

But, as our latest campaign so aptly put it, this is not all in our head. We must focus on collective action to see that our workplaces are changed for the better. We must address any issues jeopardizing workers’ health if we want to continue to be able to provide the population with quality public services.

For its part, the government must also make people its number one priority. And we will certainly keep jogging its memory throughout the year, whenever and wherever we can, calling for decent wages and working conditions.

That is my wish for all of us in 2019: a little bit more humanity. And you can count on the CSQ and its entire team to be front and centre, at every possible opportunity, to stand up for you and make sure your demands are being heard.