This fall, the pre-election marathon slowly gets underway in Québec. During the coming months, I invite you to loudly and clearly demand of the government that it: focus on universality, accessibility, and quality in our early childhood network; reverse the devastating effects of healthcare reform by reinvesting in the sector and bringing back a more human form of personnel management; massively reinvest in education to promote student success and provide support to workers; and review methods of financing cégeps and universities to encourage cooperation and equity between institutions.

Let’s act together for a more just society, superior public services, and more equitable public policies. By uniting our forces, everything is possible.

A momentous anniversary

One of modern Québec’s most notable achievements is our network of colleges. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, it has led to a true democratization of higher education by providing access to thousands of people.

Far more than other institutions, cégeps have contributed to changing the face of our society. This is in large part thanks to the work of teaching, support, and professional personnel. They are the true builders who have, along with their students, filled cégeps with their ideas, their vision of society, their creativity, and their originality, all across Québec.

Over time, cégeps have proven their relevance, particularly in outlying regions, where they play a major role in the cultural, social, and economic development of the areas. However, they continue to face numerous challenges. We must now, more than ever, show our support for this unique institution we can proudly call our own.

Happy 50th anniversary!