In our opinion, the problem is not one of scarcity. Rather, it’s a problem of attracting and retaining manpower due to poor working conditions and serious work organization issues. It’s completely different!

In addition to austerity measures imposed by the former government, we’ve seen significant problems in recent years resulting from an increase in private sector-style management techniques. In education and health, performance objectives are being set, and the costs of graduation as well as every intervention are being calculated, then the state funds institutions based on these costs.

Ultimately, these management techniques focus on reducing and controlling costs, regardless of the impact on service quality. This is contrary to the reasoning behind providing services to the population.

The situation has significant impacts on the organization of work in the workplace. Unhealthy management techniques cause large numbers of workers to leave public sector jobs because working conditions are making them sick. It’s a long way from attracting and retaining personnel.

Employers and the government must face the facts. Not only do job insecurity, a focus on performance targets, and accountability create excessive workloads, they also pull workers away from their primary mission: to offer services to the population.

It is of the utmost urgency that our decision-makers become aware of the situation.

In this regard, our role as a union organization is critical. Solutions exist and we must mobilize to share them. There is no question that we need to convince employers to return to a more human logic and end the commodification of public services!

In solidarity!


Sonia Ethier
CSQ president