At École secondaire des Chutes where he’s been working for 14 years, Daniel Larivée1 doesn’t see time go by. His work leads him to perform a wide range of tasks. For example, he offers support to teachers, is responsible for equipment loans, broadcasts messages through the school radio, repairs the interactive whiteboards, is involved in the presentation of shows and lectures, etc.

That much variety requires essential qualities. “I need to be calm, structured, versatile and I also need to be able to respect specific deadlines,” he explains.

There are moments when the pressure is quite strong. “During the shows, for example, I can’t make a mistake. I also need to show patience, because the days can be longer than expected!”

Sharing his passion

“In the course of my work, I need to be completely invested,” adds Daniel Larivée. His involvement incidentally pushed him to put in place a small technical team of a dozen students, some of them with special needs. A few young people who already obtained their high school diploma even continue to take part in the group for the fun of it.

Daniel Larivée teaches his team all the aspects of the trades in the audiovisual field. The young have the chance to put what they learn into action in various events, like the Christmas and end-of-the-year shows. They also come and give a hand when outside organizations rent rooms in the school.

“Over time, I have developed an excellent bond with youth. I’ve also seen, throughout my career, the influence I have had on some students who only had the technical team as a motivation to finish their education,” he concludes.

1 Daniel Larivée is a member of the Syndicat des employés de soutien de la Mauricie (CSQ).