Jean-François Vigneault1 has been driving school buses for 10 years. During the year, he drives students ranging from preschool to secondary V. “Since I accompany them throughout their time in school, we develop a great bond.”

He admits that things were not always easy early in his career. “The first year, I filled out at least 45 disciplinary reports. They were mostly for students who were constantly getting up while the bus was in motion, who would change seats at the wrong time, or who pushed other students. They were testing the limits, as they say.”

Yet, because bus drivers are employees in this school board, it’s easier to find solutions to these types of problems. “We have a direct relationship with school administrations, which makes for more efficient resolutions when there are problems with students,” he says. In fact, he only completed one disciplinary report last year.

“I take care of the students as if they were my own children. Their safety is very important to me.”

He has received several votes of confidence from parents who appreciate his work. “They feel that their child is safe on my bus. In their eyes, I’m a guardian angel!”

1 Jean-François Vigneault is a member of the Eastern Shores Union Support Staff.