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The public healthcare system at risk
  • The public healthcare system at risk
    This is an illegal situation that puts the principle of the accessibility of our public healthcare system at risk. How did we get to this point ? November 2015, D12755-A.
Review of the Conservative Government
  • Review of the Conservative Government
    Before every election in Québec or Canada, the CSQ publishes a review of the outgoing government. Our current assessment provides several reasons for launching an appeal to get rid of the conservative government at the next federal election. I invite to take some time to read it through carefully. D12709-A, May 2015.
The CSQ opposes Bill C-525, Employees' Voting Rights Act
Setting its Sights on the Future
 Les protections RésAut CSQ and The Personal
Feminism, more relevant than ever... for egalitarian tomorrows
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January 2014

Sociocultural and political changes among the Crees of Québec
Sociocultural and political changes in the Inuit nation of Québec