Message de solidarité aux enseignants du Honduras en grève

Montreal, June the 30 th 2009

Sr. Salvador Orlando Arita

Dear President,

Please accept greetings of solidarity from the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ)

In these difficult times for the Honduran people we wish to extend our solidarity with the brave teachers movement and to declare our support for the general strike that the Honduran union moved has declared for today.

We also wish to declare our repudiation of the coup d’etat carried out recently by the most reactionary sectors of Honduran society. We condemn all the events related to this terrible new chapter in Honduran history, but we wish to underscore our pain and outrage at the extra-judicial execution of Cesar Ham, popular movement leader and congressperson for the Democratic Union party who, according to the international media, was gunned down by soldiers during yesterday’s coup.

We demand a return to democracy in Honduras, the reinstatement of President Zelaya and the bringing to justice of the architects of the coup.

We respect the Honduran teachers’ movement’s resolve in taking to the streets to defend democracy in their country and, as a National Federation of Public Sector Unions, we commit to supporting you in any way we can from the international community.


Réjean Parent
Centrale des syndicats du Québec