Congédiement et suspension des travailleurs en grève en Indonésie

June, 19th 2008


His Excellency Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
President of the Republic Indonesia
Office of the President – Istana Negara
Jakarta – Indonesia

Fax: +62.21.231438

Subject : Dismissal and suspension of Angkasa Pura 1 workers


Dear President,

La Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) is reacting forcefully to the dismissal and suspension without pay of striking workers at Angkasa Pura 1. We vigorously condemn this further manifestation of union-busting tactics, intimidation and harassment of workers and union activists by a management that has persistently failed to honour the terms of the collective agreement entered into in good faith by the workers in 2005.

The strike action was a last resort taken by the union Serikat Pekerja PT. Angkasa Pura 1, an affiliate of Public Services International, following a number of attempts to resolve the dispute through negotiation. The management of Angaska Pura 1 has repeatedly demonstrated its bad faith by reneging on the collective agreement and hiding behind the pretext of ‘shareholders’ decisions’.

That management can renege on such agreements at will does not augur well for industrial peace and good relations. It also ignores the interests of the wider public in ensuring a quality, reliable service, based on the fair treatment of the workers engaged in delivering that service.

Our organization welcomes the intervention of the House of Representatives Commission IX and calls on your Government to ensure that its recommendations are implemented in full and without further delay.

CSQ demands the immediate re-instatement with back pay of Mr Arif Islam, Chairman of Angkasa Pura 1 union, Sepingan branch in Balipapan, who was dismissed on 7 May for allegedly “violating a disciplinary action, by holding a strike and ignoring his obligations to serve the public”.

CSQ equally demands the immediate reinstatement with back pay of the workers suspended on 7 May, namely

  1. Ms. Sulistiani, General Secretary, Serikat Pekerja PT. Angkasa Pura 1 (SPAP 1)
  2. Ms. Sri Rejeki, Head of Human Resources and Development, (SPAP 1)
  3. Ms. Milda, Headof Legal Department, (SPAP 1)
  4. Ms. Asnawaty, General Treasurer, (SPAP 1)
  5. Mr. Trijono, Chair of head office branch
  6. Mr. Effendy Sulistiono, Secretary of head office branch
  7. Mr. Florentinus Subandi, Field Coordinator for head office branch.

Finally, CSQ calls on your government to abide by its obligations under international law to guarantee the fundamental rights to freedom of association and freedom of expression; and to ensure that trade unionists can exercise those rights free from intimidation, harassment and victimisation

Yours sincerely,


Réjean Parent
President, CSQ

c.c. PSI Asia Pacific Regional Office ( Indonesian mission in your country - Rika Tjiptanig, Head of House of Representatives Commission IX (Fax: +62.21 5756045

Mr. Sofyan Jalil, Minister for State-Owned Enterprises, Republic of Indonesia (Fax: +62 21 3864442)

Mr. Erman Suparno Minister of Manpower (Fax: +62.21.5256559 and +62.21.7974488)