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pdf 1617-116 depliantequite ang web.pdf 17-11-16 16:12 17-11-16 16:12 161.9kb
pdf Document explaining the pay equity process to date.pdf The progress of the work within the Intersyndicale and with the Conseil du Trésor,The work ahead, May 2004 30-11-11 16:38 16-02-12 15:41 155.8kb
pdf Notice Following the Second Posting .pdf Pay equity plan of the Conseil du trésor for all employees of the health and social services and education sector, December 2006 30-11-11 16:51 01-02-12 18:36 111.1kb
pdf Second Posting.pdf Application of the pay equity act (sections 75 and 76)Pay Equity Plan of the Conseil du Trésor and l'Intersyndicale (CSQ, CSN, FIIQ and FTQ), August 28, 2006 30-11-11 16:45 01-02-12 18:36 1.5Mb